About us

Sipal Partners offers a unique range of varied and innovative organic cereal and dried fruit concentrates. The concentrates provide numerous sweetening and technical functionalities for all sectors of the agri-food industry.

Our organisation

Created in 2002, Sipal Partners (Belgium) is the marketing unit for the exclusively organic products of two Partners wanting to share their complementary know-how: Meurens Natural s.a. in Belgium (Sipal® range) and Sedamyl S.p.a in Italy (Seda range).

This commercial partnership has the following objectives:

  • to guarantee the organic quality, thanks to its specialisation and to more than 20 years experience;
  • to promote new and original organic ingredients from the R&D and production units of both companies;
  • to build up a complete, sustainable and reliable subsidiary from the growers to the producers of the organic finished products;
  • to respond efficiently and in a tailor-made way to the growing needs for organic ingredients;
  • to ensure the best distribution for the organic products of both partners.

In which fields is Sipal Partners a specialist?

  1. A specialist in cereal hydrolysis thanks to:
    • the variety of raw materials processed (wheat, rice, malted barley, maize, oats, cassava, spelt wheat, etc.);
    • the use of flours (wholegrain cereals) as raw materials. In fact, Sipal Partners is not limited to the use of starch as in the conventional sector;
    • the know-how acquired in the subject over more than 20 years.
  2. An organic specialist, thanks to:
    • an exclusively organic range;
    • a pioneering team, Meurens Natural, that has already been complying with organic specifications since the end of the 1980s, even though European legislation did not come into force until 1993;
    • not using demineralisation, guaranteeing a simpler process that conforms more to the organic philosophy;
    • an ultra-modern production tool fully dedicated to organic raw materials and production processes guaranteeing complete traceability from fields to the concentrates;
    • an R&D team completely dedicated to developing innovative organic ingredients;
    • a long-term vision required by the sector’s numerous strict constraints;
    • subsidiaries developed with numerous partners and based on mutual confidence.